Rubber Spray Paint

Rubber Spray Paint
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* Rubber Spray Paint:

Rubber Spray Paint(450ml)

  • Cartoon size: D275xW205xH205mm
  • QTY/CTN: 12PCS
  • G.W./CTN: 4KG
  • N.W./CTN: 3.5KG
Advantageous Index
Imported material, safe.
Film flexibility is strong, no crack.
German Veslee formula and technology,quality guranteed.
The international advanced rotating nozzle, atomization is exquisite and not sag.
17 years of professional experience in manufacturing paint, quality more stable.
Net weight 300g, enough load.
Emission rate: not blow 98%.
No fluorine, so on damage to ozonosphere.



This product is a natural drying rubber spray paint coating, it fits to a variety of metal, plastic, wood and others' surfaces.

After spraying, the surface of the object can be form a flexible colored film, protecting the object surface.

Its is waterproof, wear, and a variety of colors for them, it makes the object look more beautiful.


  • The object being sprayed must be kept clean and dry, for achieve the best results, it must to avoid direct sunlight, humidity, wind conditions and please operate in air circulation
  • Please do a test in the small surface of the object when you do not know what is the object's material, make the object well.
  • Shake one minute before using, make the liquid mixed thoroughly before using, keep 10cm-20cm between the nozzle and the object surface. Pressure nozzle moves back and spray. When spraying it must be kept upright and with horizontal angle of less than 45 degree celsius.
  • For achieve the best results, it needs to spray 3-4 layers, each repeated spraying interval 5-10 minutes, leave at least 4 hours after spraying drying time before use.
  • Stored after spraying, keep spray paint cans upside down, Push the nozzle about 5 seconds to remain liquid cleaning to prevent clogging. If the nozzle broken, replace it.


This product is flammable, do not use or store near the fire, do not put the bottles in a fire.

You should not put this product in car by sun inside in Summer

Please stored at or below 40 degree celsius in a cool or dry place and away from direct sunlight, also far away from children.

Do not hit, do not recycle cans filling.

If splashed into the eyes, please clean with water immediately and then see the doctor.

Fluorescent Series

Metallic Series

Normal Series

Applications of Rubber Spray Paint

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